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The Passionate Shepherdess

Mad-songs and melancholic tunes from the 17th century
England & France , Coloring the Passions of Love

Elisabeth Belgrano, voice

Kathleen McIntosh, harpsichord

Henry Purcell (1659-1695)

"Ah! How sweet it is to Love"

"Whilst I with grief did on you look"

"If Musick be the food of Love"

"From Rosie Bow'rs" 

"From silent shades and the Elizium groves" (Bess of Bedlam)

 A Ground

Michel Lambert (1610-1696)

"Ombre de mon Amant"

     Louis Couperin (1626-1661)


"La Piemontoise"

Sebastien Le Camus (1610-1677)

"Laissez durer la nuit"

"Amour, cruel Amour"

"Pleurez, mes yeux, pleurez"


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