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Eclatante Amarante

A portrait of the French singer Anne Chabanceau de La Barre (1628-1688)

Drottning Kristinas Franska Frestelser

Queen Christina's French Temptations/Les Tentations Françaises de la Reine Christine

Music from Lully's ballets de cour  & Parisian salons

Inner Chamber

The private music of Charles I and the Great English Households:

Music of William and Henry Lawes and John Jenkins

Leçons de Ténèbres

Michel Lambert (c.1610-1696)

This Easter Music was first performed by Anne Chabanceau de La Barre and her colleagues, in L'Eglise aux Feuillants, April 1656.

The Passionate Shepherdess

Mad-songs & melancholic tunes from England and France , colouring the Passions of Love.

Delle Bizzarrie Poetiche

Inspired by a meeting of an Italian 'Accademia' during the 17th century.

(Music and poetry for 2 voices, viola da gamba & harpsichord.)

La Scorta Amorosa

Love, Women & Desire in Italian 16th and 17th century

Divine Devotion

Love, Women & Desire in Italian 16th and 17th century

Stämmer opp i Sångarinner

(Sing on you Women / Chantez vous Chanteuses)

Women, Music and Poetry in Sweden during second half of the 17th century.

Passions of the Soul

Songs from a 17th century manuscript

Dans le Pays de tendre

Inspired by Mlle de Scudéry and her salons.


A sacred program with music and narration by 16th & 17th century women composers & poets.


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